Corporate Events

Planning a Special Event or Company Party? If you need a comedy character for walkabouts, or a toast master, Calamity can bring the fun and laughter to your event.

(PA System included)

Weddings and Christenings

Add that touch of sparkle and difference… let Calamity entertain the children. Calamity brings her magic balloons and games along with prizes so that you and your guests can relax and enjoy the day.

Birthday Party's

Calamity will give you a party you will never forget… Calamity brings every thing needed to make the party a huge success. Whether its a child’s birthday or a  70th , old and young Calamity makes it fun. If its giggles or wiggles on the dance floor, just one wave of her wand creates an atmosphere you want to be part of.

Calamity the Clown - Children's Parties

Calamity Parties: 1 hour £180, 2 hours £225

You have a dilemma… Your child wants to invite the whole class to their birthday party! You need a venue that is safe with plenty of room to run around, a play area, a bouncy castle, and food.

Bouncy Toms

Party Venue for Saffron Walden

Calamity the Clown Discos

Themed Party's

Calamity can bring your party to life. If its a Pirate party, Calamity brings the treasure hunt, music and balloon swords to take home. Princess, Frozen or Clowns, whatever the theme, Calamity will work with you to match your parties style.

Disco Party's

Calamity can provide a Mini Disco with a lights and music for the younger children and nursery schools. Calamity will get the children jumping up and down to action songs, dancing with friends, playing bumps and limbo. The Mini Disco includes bubbles and balloons.

For the bigger kids, Calamity can provide a Big Disco with LED lighting, a light up disco booth, snow machine, and all the latest music. Calamity always finds a game or two, like the best limbo dancer… this can be for any party or school.

Mini Disco: 1 hour £195, 2 hours £245
Big Kids Disco: 2hrs 30mins £350


Calamity can entertain your school, from small groups of children to the whole school. Wow, now this shows the variety of entertainment Calamity brings with her. From reception children signing a solo to the year 6’s, taking part in a quiz, wearing silly hats and glasses, Calamity does it all… with prizes and balloons making competitions, schools will really enjoy Calamity’s fun and engaging entertainment.

Calamity the Clown - entertaining children

Special needs and Hospitals

Mrs Tumble at your  service… on many occasions Calamity is called Mrs Tumble. With years of experience as a Clown Doctor working in Great Ormond Street Hospital and many other organisations and charities, Mrs Tumble has a very sensitive approach and a very good understanding of what she needs to do to make every visit a fun and magical moment.

Calamity will make it happen, go for it... laughing is the best medicine.

Laughter is what we are all after

Calamity Zoom Parties

Calamity has adapted her services to meet the needs of children and their families.

Doorstep Giggles: for Special Occasions/Birthdays from £75
Includes balloon and gift.

Fun & Laughter Zoom Calls: 25 mins on-line. £75.

Children’s Fun & Laughter in School Sessions: Prices start at £200 to visit schools.

As a Children Laughter Specialist/Clown Doctor consultant, I can offer visits to private homes from
£200 for bespoke a consultation on what your child may benefit from in The world of laughter and what it can bring.
Unique service by Annie Aris Aka Calamity